Love letter 3

Ms. I hope you’re reading this
It is true that all on my mind has been you

The Motivation, reason I’m standing here waiting

Sideline till you notice me , Like hello it’s me

Awaiting to be your next patient, full of patience

Your secret admirer trying to expose truth

Break and Enter heart, and all you did was loot

Had cupid at the door wailing to shoot

(and) All I ever wanted was a date or maybe a dance

Ants in my pants anticipating my chance

I can’t let you be the next one that passes me by

Been there before and don’t want to return

Never needed to ask, proclaimed feelings with no lie

So please put me out of my misery

And ease before I’m in a urn, put to burn, from all mistakes I learned

Let me know if this is bound to grow, if not let me know now

Don’t worry we will remain friends, I just need to know if these, feelings

Were needed to sever the ends before anything begins

I just wanted to let you know you’re the reason I stress from these texts

Trying to make you laugh and smile, waiting on your next

Source was never sex, send hearts and O’s but don’t want you no where near an X

Looking forward to meets and greets in my sleep, love rest

In all that you do I pray the best, God bless

I just hope I came across correct…

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