Song: !
Artist: Tony
Album: HiStory: End Of The Beginning 

Verse 1:
Let me see if you got bars
Matter a fact, balls
To say what you think
Microphone is my shrink
Most step up but dick shrink
Been weak
Most talk how they can drop me
And stop me
But I remain standin’
Whack shit i band it
Dope shit I can it
Pure puke from a nuke
Professors can study my vomit
Once in a life time comet
From a comment
On everything I feel
Show me another who is real.
I’m Raekwon mixed with Zelda’s hero I’m a different link
Ship sink in shit’s creek
Last thought before you blink?
People act like my skill is new: I didn’t know he got flows
Claim dogs but really gatos
I stay standing through the worst, hiroshima’s Gate
I go to shows just To murder opening acts
Paul bunion’s axe
When they ask why I have trust issues
I tell them ask the scar tissue
Chopped head of a snake acephalous
no leader running around it’s virus syphilis
I got a camo filled with ammo in my garage
Stand out or you are just camouflage
I send girls letters with love embedded
They take it and shred it
Askin what the hell were you thinking?
And I start sinking
I’m just sayin
Super but before that I’m kaioken
Smack up a barbie and k.o. a Ken
I’m Looking for an around the way girl
One that means the world
Sends for the whirl
And love it when she swirl
If I’m being to picky I apologize
To the censored eyes
For my uncensored sensitive rhymes
Take a sedative
whack mc’s are as tactical as a paraplegic virgin switching positions.
My mother had another seed
But it’s half of me
Fuck the politicians
I go to comedians for politics
It’s all a joke.
I feel like a blunt amongst
A bunch of cigarette butts
Dope surrounded by suckas spitting Ass
I go to construction sites
Stealing road spikes
And ram them up my enemies’ asses later that night
Lyrics severe, make casual casualties like saafir
Create classical conditioning like
Seeing me and mic
Then rocking a party
So now you see me and excite.

Eye on the prize
so I stapled golden star sticker to my optics
With a pocket full of bottle rockets
Shoving forks inside of electric sockets
Playing rock em sock em robots with a skeleton fresh out my closet
Wearing my suit for the casket
Wasn’t wearing his head it was in the basket
Fastened next to my face full of emotions that I Mask it
Betting with the corpses below
The mattress
Continuous antics, for the laugh of it
The world has my mind rotating like Taz and crash bandicoot
ask the last outlaw if he had to shoot
Nevermind the economy I’ll still be living gimme the loot
Careless if I’m the player for which you root
Just put it next to my beans and rice
Flows rubix cube got listeners scratching their head like lice
Mic in hand with a grip, vice
For the versa remain versatile
Busting longsleves so I can flex style
Talking to girls on the floor, textiles
But keep the women of my past in ex-files.
Blowing balloons
As I cauterize my wounds
Scars loom and fill my room
From a past that tries to consume
Even as an infant
You could tell I was gifted
From a distance in an instant
Tell the promoter to keep the checks
Just pay for my groceries and rent
And I’ll rock a set
the lyrical arsonist
Car sick, puking on the mosh pit
Coming up with rhymes as I scoop dog shit
Floor full of cartridges
From my lyrical projectiles
Now leave me alone I have to take another vile

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